New Multi-Purpose Event Center is coming!

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The Briscoe County Show Barn has been the center of many fun community events for many decades.  A lot of people have been involved with the upkeep and maintenance of this old building but it has about run it's course as a functional venue.

Friends of Briscoe County, Inc. has recently obtained our 501(c)(3) designation so we can begin the process of  obtaining grants and TAX DEDUCTIBLE  donations to replace this aging landmark.   Since we have received our 501(c)3 acknowledgement any donations we  receive; either monetarily, donations of land, services, material, etc.  will be tax deductible for the donor. With the help of our community joining with us we WILL create a multi-event center that can be used by ALL of the people of Briscoe County and surrounding communities.  

Our vision of the new event center will focus on facilities to accommodate a host of possibilities including meeting rooms for the Senior Citizens, 4-H,  Scouts, AA, Social clubs, family gatherings, fund raisers, Quinceaneras, Food Bank distibutions, health fairs, and the list goes on and on.

Please join us in making this a reality. 

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If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the event center please let us know.

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